Welcome to our new SAEM Annual Meeting Website!

Last year, SAEM unveiled an updated version of to much success, allowing greater access to what SAEM offers. This was but the first step in a multi-faceted project, however, as SAEM continues to adapt to the needs of it’s membership. Navigating through all the details of the Annual Meeting has unfortunately not been the easiest process.  The SAEM Board of Directors and the Program Committee have long recognized this, and every year we try new ways in which to bring you the information you deserve. The new AM website takes us one step closer to that goal as you can scroll through last year’s highlights, read through last year’s hand-outs, and gain insight on how to not only submit your materials for the new year but also how to simply register for the upcoming meeting.

Technology, and the pursuit of how to use technology to provide information, is of the utmost importance to the increasing tech-savvy world of emergency medicine. From facebook to twitter to iphone/droid apps to e-posters, the Program Committee intends to bring the 2012 Annual Meeting directly to you. In the coming years, expect more innovations in the realm of web-learning and remote access to the annual meeting.

Over the next few weeks, and months leading up to the AM in Chicago on May 9th-12th, we will use this website to shine a spotlight on all the great events planned---written in the words of those who put their hearts into the planning. After all, every member of the PC is a member of SAEM first and foremost, and attends the meeting to explore the academic world of emergency medicine. What we have planned is what we as members would like to experience; and what we have created is what you as the membership has requested.


Michael Hochberg, MD
Chairman, Program Committee, SAEM
Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Saint Peters University Hospital

Registration Discounts

SAEM is proud to announce a number of registration discounts being offered to members and non-members during the 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Before you login to register take a peek and see if one of these discounts works for you! See you in Chicago.

Medical Students

  • Receive free admission to the Medical Student Symposium and Residency Fair with purchase of full registration.


  • Receive $50.00 off full registration when you attend the Resident Leadership Forum all day session.
  • Chief Residents can attend the all day Resident Leadership Forum without attending the rest of the meeting.
  • All residents are welcome to attend the PM session of the Resident Leadership forum without attending the rest of the meeting.

NOTE: Chief residents should register for the entire Resident Leadership Forum, which includes a networking lunch. All non-chief residents (meaning any resident of any year) may register for the afternoon session only.

Young Physicians/Faculty

  • Receive $50.00 off full registration when you attend the Jr. Faculty Forum.
  • Young physicians and faculty may attend the Jr. Faculty Forum without attend the rest of the meeting.

Bring A Colleague For Free (Limit of 100)

  • One colleague (non SAEM member) per SAEM member attending the Annual Meeting may participate in the 2012 Annual Meeting for free. Those interested in taking advantage of this offer must contact the SAEM office for >coupon code. Discount only applies the general session all additional sessions remain at the posted rates.

Institution Discount Plan

  • Each institution that sends more than ten (10) total attendees for the complete meeting (full registration) will be sent VISA gift cards for $50, one for each attendee.  Names may be submitted by an institution designee at or after the annual meeting until July 3, 2012 by email to (subject line: DISCOUNT).  The deadline to submit names is July 3, 2012. Gift cards will be mailed to the attendee’s institutional address within four weeks of the meeting.


Cancellations submitted by e-mail to (subject line: CANCEL) and received on or before April 30, 2012 will receive a refund less a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after April 30, 2012 will be assessed a $100 cancellation fee. No telephone or written cancellations will be accepted. No refunds will be made for cancellation requests after May 5, 2012.


Fellow SAEM Members,

As SAEM plans for the 2012 Annual Meeting, I wanted to inform you of some exciting changes the Program Committee has made so far. From May 9th to May 12th in Chicago, prepare to be dazzled by an influx of new content, and new ways in which to view, listen, and participate in the meeting. Our popular Chief Resident Forum is being re-imagined and re-named as the Resident Leadership Forum. It is still an all-day event for the chiefs, consisting of several of the long-established and time-honored chief resident forum didactics/panels plus the highly successful networking lunch. The afternoon session will, however, be open to all residents, regardless of year, who wish to interact with and hear the foremost voices of our field. Topics for this section will include  “Navigating interdepartmental academic politics and intergenerational work styles” and “National involvement and Advancement” to name only two. We will have two registrations for this forum.  One for the chiefs for the entire day; and one for all residents allowing them to attend just the PM sessions.

SAEM has also created a new educational opportunity for our junior faculty.  The Junior Faculty Forum is an all day series of lectures and panel discussions focusing on maximizing your potential as junior faculty. During this forum, we will be presenting the admin/research/educational success stories (and how they accomplished it) of several prominent emergency medicine physicians who are less than ten years out of residency. To close the day, a panel of EM senior statesmen will lend their perspective on career paths and goals for junior faculty members.

This is just the start of a special year. We have three new mid-day themed networking events; new interactive abstract oral presentation pilot programs with teaching points designed for residents and medical; SAEM Academy spotlight sessions; and much, much more.

Mark your calendars.


Michael Hochberg, MD
Chairman, Program Committee, SAEM
Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Saint Peters University Hospital


Education Research in Emergency Medicine


Mark your calendars to attend the 2012 AEM Consensus Conference in Chicago, IL  May 9, 2012  Conference Co-Chairs: Nicole DeIorio, MD, Joseph LaMantia, MD, and Lalena Yarris, MD, MCR  This all-day event will leave you armed with knowledge and fresh insight to today's education research. Objectives include:

  1. Review the current state of education research in EM, including the current knowledge about the best means of disseminating knowledge about evidence-based practices to broaden the affected group of learners 
  2. Define the most appropriate and effective methods for conducting education research studies 
  3. Identify and examine the barriers that educators face in conducting well-powered, rigorous education research, and develop recommendations for overcoming these barriers 
  4. Identify the most critical agenda areas within specific education research domains 

This conference will be held in conjunction with SAEM's Annual Meeting at:

Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
301 E. North Waters St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Registration for this conference will begin December 1st.

Continue to watch the SAEM website for more details on this ground-breaking conference!

Introducing the Junior Faculty Forum
Saturday, May 12th 2012 8 AM - 2:30 PM

As we complete our residencies we’ve all thought, “I made it!”  A couple of months into our first academic jobs we realize that even though we were well trained for the clinical aspects of being an attending, there was still so much more for us to learn. How does clinical revenue translate to our paycheck and buy-down for academic time? How do I master my clinical acumen at the same time begin to dabble in administration or education or research? Can I even dabble in these things as a newly minted attending? And when asked by my chair to lecture at the resident conference or join a committee, what can I to be successful at it?

Once you are an attending in a department, you become part of a much larger world. As residents, perhaps you knew some names of other departmental faculty, realized that politics played an important role in “getting things done”, and accepted the fact that someone older than you would always lend a hand if needed.  Yet the faculty world can be a lonely one as you are expected to be self-sufficient in many aspects. Self-sufficiency, though, does not necessarily lead to achievement, accomplishment or happiness. Where do you even begin when certain projects come your way?

Simply put, if you are a recent graduate trying to figure out what direction your career should take, and how to achieve it, this Forum is for you!  There will be sessions on how to become triumphant in each of the major areas of Academics: Education, Research, and Administration, lead by EM leaders who obtained much of their success during their junior faculty years. Jason Haukoos, one of the leading HIV researchers, will speak about lessons learned in his path to success in research.  Michael Hochberg, a former medical director of an academic center and now a community chair, will share his vision on how to become involved in Administration. Fiona Gallahue, an emf teaching fellow in 2005 and now the residency director at the University of Washington-Harborview, will lend her insight about traveling the education pathway. Linda Davis-Moon, Chief Administrator at Thomas Jefferson and colleagues will host a discussion on the finances of an academic EM department. A networking meet and greet luncheon will be followed by a valuable panel debate with senior leadership in EM from across the country, including Glen Hamilton, Sandy Schneider, Sarah Stahmer and Robert Hockberger---each of whom will give their insight into mentoring junior faculty and what growth potential they expect from their newly hired faculty.  This is an exciting new forum at SAEM.  We look forward to seeing you there!

-michael and sarah
Sarah Ronan-Bentle, MD
Chair, Junior Faculty Forum Sub-Committee
Michael Hochberg, MD
Chair, Program Committee

Resident Leadership Forum
Thursday, May 10th 2012 9 AM - 4 PM

The 2012 Annual Meeting will mark the initiation of the SAEM Annual Resident Leadership Forum, formerly the Chief Resident Forum. We’ve taken all the traditional and time-honored sessions of the Chief Resident Forum and enhanced them with fresh new didactics on strategies for success during residency and beyond. For Chief Residents, the Resident Leadership Forum is an all-day event (just like with the Chief Resident Forum). For residents of any year, the afternoon session is open for you to attend, and is geared for Chief resident and resident alike interested in leadership and advancement in EM.

This one of a kind forum for residents will provide opportunities to interact with and learn from the leaders in our specialty.

The morning session (chief residents only) is from 9am to 1pm, and will provide the tools necessary to make a successful transition to the role of chief resident:

  • Being a Role Model and Making a Difference
  • The Art of Middle Management – Managing Up and Managing Down
  • Dealing with Difficult Resident Concerns
  • Chief Resident Pearls and Perspectives
  • Lunch with the Program Directors

The afternoon session (chief residents and non chief residents of any year) is from 1pm-4pm, and will focus on the key themes of development and maturation within residency:

  • Communication Skills for Success in Academia
  • Negotiating Interdepartmental Politics and Intergenerational Work Styles
  • Enhancing Your Leadership Skills – Roundtable Discussions with the Leaders in Academic EM
  • Successful Negotiation for an Academic EM Position
  • National Involvement, Advancement, and Leadership Opportunities

There will be two ways to register for the Resident Leadership Forum as designated by the Chief resident role:

  1. Chief residents only, and which includes the entire day PLUS a networking Lunch.
  2. All residents, which includes admittance to the afternoon session only.

Expect more information on specific registration fees soon.

We very much look forward to seeing you in Chicago at the 2012 Resident Leadership Forum!

-michael, kevin, and jody
Michael Hochberg, MD
Chair, Program Committee, SAEM
Kevin Rodgers, MD
Co-Chair, Resident Leadership Forum Sub-Committee
Jody Vogel, MD
Co-Chair, Resident Leadership Forum Sub-Committee

Medical Student Symposium
Friday, May 11th at 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

The SAEM Medical Student Symposium is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about planning your future in EM. Our expert faculty includes many well-known program and clerkship directors with decades of student-mentoring experience. Selected sessions include “How to excel in your EM clerkship”, “Finding the best residency program for me”, and “Top 10 mistakes EM applicants make”. Learn how to best prepare your paper application and shine during your interview from faculty who have sorted through thousands of applications and interviewed hundreds of perspective residents. At smaller roundtable discussions we’ll cover more attendee-specific topics such as “Women in EM”, “Guidance for students at international medical schools”, and “Tips and strategies for students in the pre-clinical years”.

At lunch you will be seated with program directors from around the country where you can gain more valuable advice and insight in an informal environment. At the EMRA resident panel in the afternoon you’ll get the inside scoop on EM residency and the application process from current EM residents. The program concludes with the annual residency fair at which individual residency programs are provided space for you to stop by and meet current residents and faculty as well as pick up informational material. Overall its a jam-packed, high-yield EM career and residency-application bootcamp that you don’t want to miss!More Content

2012 Annual Meeting Didactics

For the 2012 Annual Meeting, we had over 100 didactic submissions, consisting of over 150 hours of potential didactic material. As we only have 60-70 hours of didactic time in the Annual Meeting, we were faced with a wealth of possibilities. Every didactic submission was vetted first by our didactic sub-committee and then by the whole of the Program Committee. Some of the exciting didactics that were ultimately selected for the meeting include:

Jelly on the Belly: Cutting Edge Pediatric Ultrasound Applications. Scheduled for May 9th. By its completion, participants will be better able to not only recognize the typical appearance of such ailments as pediatric appendicitis but also know how to utilize US to assist with procedures such as pediatrics LPs.

The Nadir of Clinical Operations Innovation: Implications for Future Growth. Scheduled for May 9th. Whether you are a clinical attending or an administrator, a day doesn't go by in the ED when we aren't asked how to move patients through our system quicker and more efficiently without sacrificing quality. How we cope with this on an emotional, mental, and physical level is one that many of us struggle with on routinely. This session will discuss that struggle, how to overcome it, and provide insight on how to think differently about clinical operations process improvement.

Social Media and the Academic Physician. Scheduled for May 10th. Typically sessions on social media talk solely about maintaining professionalism. Although this didactic will touch upon that briefly, it will also look at the positive aspects of social media in fostering research and education.

Milestones - Achieving Outcomes in Education. Scheduled for May 10th. As educators, we are asked to set target goals for our students. This didactic teaches how to assess these "milestone measurements" whether in the realm of procedural competency, medical knowledge, transitions of care, communication, or professionalism. Creating a uniform system of assessment is the key to analyzing the progress and growth of those you teach. A core group of educational experts will lead the audience in targeting these milestones and developing the tools necessary to implement them in your curriculum.

Prescription Drug Misuse: The Scope of the Problem and the State of the Research. Scheduled for May 11th. Part of our NIH research block, this didactic will include a program officer from NIDA as they lend their perspective on the breadth of this problem within emergency medicine and its implications for research.

NHLBI K12 Research Career Development Programs in Emergency Medicine Research. Scheduled for May 11th. Not only will you be able to hear the stories of the Emergency Medicine K12 winners, but you will also learn about the goals of the K12 program and its application process.

The Next Match - What Academic Departments Want to See When They Hire. Scheduled for May 12th. In this dynamic and interactive didactic, panelists will discuss real and perceived needs of academic departments, trends in hiring, desired cover letter and cv features, and how the right individuals are found to fulfill the marketed (and actual) positions. A must attend for any resident.

Simulation and your certification, what the future brings. Scheduled for May 12th as part of the Simulation Academy's 2 hour spotlight session. An innovative look at utilizing simulation-based education to meet the maintenance of certification standard set forth by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Attendess will also be provided an update on the advances in simulation based training and assessment at the level of the practicing physician.

This is but a small sampling of the didactics at the Annual Meeting. Whether you are a budding researcher, a master educator, or a resident still learning the ropes, there is more than just "a little something" awaiting you in Chicago.

-michael, chris, and megan
Michael Hochberg, MD
Chairman, Program Committee, SAEM
Christopher Ross, MD
Co-Chair Didactic Sub-Committee
Megan Ranney, MD, MPH
Co-Chair, Didactic Sub-Commitee

SimWars 2012
Friday, May 11th at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sponsored by EMRA and FERNE
Supported by the SAEM Simulation Academy
We are recruiting teams to compete in the SimWars Competition, which will be held at the SAEM Annual Meeting in Chicago, Friday, May 11th.  The purpose of the competition is to allow residencies from various institutions, to demonstrate their skills in teamwork and communication during the management of simulated cases in front of a live audience.
An expert panel will judge each team’s performance in areas such as teamwork, communication, and leadership as well as in the medical management of the “patient”.  Each encounter will be recorded by an advanced AV system that can capture multiple views of the simulation and merge with the physiological input. Each team will consist of four residents from the same residency program.  We recommend one senior resident at the minimum. If your residency program would like to submit a team, please submit the following information to by March 19th, 2012.

  1. Name and location of your residency  
  2. Program director
  3. Team member's names and PGY year
  4. Email addresses for all team members.  

We will select the teams through a lottery system and announce the results on March 26th.  All team members must be available and willing to compete during the entire session.


  1. An application is not a guaranteed spot, we have many more applications than spots available for participation, but invite you to join the audience even if not selected.
  2. No late applications will be considered.

SimWars National Director
Lisa Jacobson

SimWars Co Chairs 
Haru Okuda MD
Andy Godwin MD

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